Inviting Members

Inviting Members & Setting User Permissions

Group members

Once you have created a group you can start inviting group members with whom you will interact. The easiest way to invite members to a group is via the "Members" tab.

Please note: You need to be an Administrator to invite others. If you create a group, you are automatically Administrator of that group.

Invite members

When clicking on "Members" you will come to a page, which will show current members of the group. Members who were invited earlier but have not yet confirmed their membership are visible when clicking "Pending Invites".

Click the "Invite or Assign Members" button in the top right-hand corner and you will see the following screen:


There are two ways to submit invitations

  • Fill in / copy email addresses into the "Enter email address" box
  • Click the "Add people from" link to choose people from various networks:
    • Your Clinked network
    • Google Contacts
    • Import MS Outlook contacts via a CSV file

Set permissions for your invitees

Just above the Invitation message box, you define which user permissions the user(s) should have. There are 4 available permission sets on the Group level:

  1. "Administrator": Can invite new members to the Group, can access all content.
  2. "Content creator": Can create & edit content, upload files
  3. Combined "Administrator + Content creator": both duties
  4. None of the above: Able to view & download content, but not able to contribute content

N.B.: the same permissions apply to all invitees if sending invitations to many at the same time. Split invitations up into groups if different people should be invited with different user permissions.

You can also manage user permissions on a file-by-file basis, e.g. so that person who has been invited as a "Not admin, nor able to create content" can be a "Content creator" for a specific file.

Account administrator

More rare, but equally important is to manage the overall account within which your group resides. For this purpose, there are Account adminstrators. They can create additional groups and delete the account etc.

Type invitation message

This text will accompany the email invitation. Why not write a personal message to invite your client into the portal?

What happens next?

  • If the invitation is sent to a completely new member of Clinked, he/she will receive an email which includes an invitation confirmation link. Clicking on this confirmation link will prompt the person to sign up to Clinked.
  • If the invitation is going to a person already using Clinked, he/she will receive both an email invitation and an invitation notification displayed on the main dashboard. The user is still asked to confirm their acceptance of the Group invitation.
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